​Longview Christian School
Invest In The Next Generation - LCS Building Campaign
LCS Building Renovation Campaign

We need your support; we need you to invest in the next generation!

We were blessed with the purchase of a large facility a few years ago; however, the buildings require some work to make our campus reach its full potential and impact as many students as possible.  Our goal is to create an open campus feel, where children are encouraged and prepared for their next steps in life.  Not only will this facelift increase a sense of belonging, but it will allow us to offer top notch facilities that encourage learning.  
To do this we must complete the following:
  • Update and create an entryway for the school.
  • Remove all rust and prior paint on all metal surfaces.
  • Paint all awnings, trim, brick, and coverings.
  • Patch and fix cracks in buildings and sidewalks.
  • Level concrete pathways for children safety.
  • Minor changes to facility such as raise low pipes, extend canopies for pick up and drop off, etc.
  • Tint all windows along with resealing them and replacing any cracked or broken windows.
  • Create a new open area campus courtyard, picnic areas throughout the school, outdoor basketball court, etc.
  • Increase school pride with adding our new school mascot on the sides of the buildings and entry ways.

If you have any questions relating to the campaign or building plans, or if you would like to be a individual donor or corporate sponsor, please contact us.  We would love to take time to meet with you and explain how we are working hard to turn our dreams and vision into a reality.  With your financial support we will be able to make a difference in the Longview area for generations to come.  
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