​Longview Christian School
Invest In The Next Generation - LCS Building Campaign
Our Vision
Longview Christian School is a fast-growing, faith-based Christian school in Longview, Texas.  The mission of the school is to challenge and empower our students to reach their full potential for Christ.  To fully accomplish this mission, our school is in need of a facelift.  Our vision is to create a campus that provides a “college-style” environment that will enable a sense of pride in our students, staff, and parents.  To achieve this dream, we need your help. 

​Please feel free to contact us and  see how your organization, business, or personal donation will be utilized, along with benefits of supporting LCS.  We are a 501c3 charitable organization, and therefore all donations are fully tax deductible.   
Building The Dream
We just completed the planning phase of the project.  The school facelift will be a major overhaul of our current facilities.  Architects and designers worked hard to capture the vision of the school, and the plans were recently approved by the board to be implemented.  Now the fun starts, providing people an opportunity to invest in the next generation!       
Our outreach campaign will involve a partnership with local businesses, leaders, parents, staff, etc.  This means that we will be sharing our vision, the impact it has on the next generation, and how the school will change Longview, Texas and mold future leaders.  Your donations and support stays local, which is very important to us.  All funds go directly to the campaign and associated cost of helping the school implement the design plans.        
Once we are completely funded we will be able to move forward with building a dream.  This includes developing a state of the art look to our office building, updating the exterior of each campus building, and creating an open campus feel.  The new design will help build school pride and give students a place to find their potential and succeed.